When Melvin Hammerschmidt was twelve years old, he was diagnosed with Munderbrain’s Syndrome. While he was assured he would continue to live a productive life, he was terrified of the large, oozing sores that would inevitably appear on his hands someday.

melvinMelvin was surrounded by great people who were very supportive of him. The orphanage which had been Melvin’s home for the first twelve years of his life was there for him, and the state aid worker assigned to Melvin, Number 415, offered bi-weekly visits.

Melvin resolved, after six months of solitary confinement kept him away from the other children in the orphanage, that he would beat the Munderbrain’s diagnosis.

His weekly visit with the physician dampened his spirits every time, but Melvin was strong in his. He created an advanced eating plan, which the physician read and approved after fifteen requests, and the state was obliged to create the first Hammerschmidt Diet for Melvin.

dietEating only bread with honey and sixteen shots of espresso dissolved into rolled oats every day for a week did nothing to alleviate Melvin’s symptoms, and when the physician visited him in the small, locked room, Melvin had to beg and plead to keep his eating plan.

With a week’s reprieve to see some kind of results, Melvin redoubled his efforts, adding a tablespoon of cinnamon to his oats, along with three more shots of coffee. When the physician visited the following week, he was astonished. Gone was Melvin’s prevalent hump, and nowhere to be seen were the oozing sores on his hands. The physician declared him cured.

Although Melvin would never re-enter the general population of the orphanage, he grew up with the knowledge that he had beaten Munderbrain’s. He intends to do the same for the rest of the diseases and disorders that trouble man.