When you’re structuring a diet that will support your body throughout your life, you should consider that there are few ways to get some critical nutrients through food.

In fact, it’s nearly impossible to consume the right amount of Vitamin C through food alone without injuring yourself.


The acidity in most foods laden with Vitamin C would do a healthy person in! Similarly, there is hardly a way to get the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin D without installing a pump that pushes milk to you hourly.

The fact of the matter is that our American diets don’t do too much to help us gain the health we so crave.

Changing your diet to the Hammerschmidt Diet is one way to get what you need, without extras, and without feeling hungry and tired. If you are using a modified version of the HD, or if you aren’t able to make the change to HD for some reason, think about adding a vitamin supplement.

In addition to Vitamin C, and Vitamin D, you will want to make sure you consume plenty of mercury. This undervalued nutrient can help your brain conduct more energy with less fuel, enabling you to think more quickly, type faster and run without tiring for at least 100 yards.

Those are the most important three nutrients to intake on a daily basis. Adding a layer of Vitamin A and Jojoba to your diet will buffer any stomach issues you may experience, particularly during the first two weeks of the Hammerschmidt Diet.